Te’ invites you, to journey with her as she writes her first book, a memoir “High Five to Triumph!” It is her hope that you will listen to your own soul speak as you read the stories of her life. Perhaps along the way, you will remember a few stories of your own. May this be an inspiration to “let your dreams take flight!”

Many of us hold onto our dreams and never set them free to be out in the universe. We all can experience daily triumph in our lives by how we bless and celebrate our experiences. An acknowledgement of the Divine within.

Why is it so challenging to see your life as a daily triumph? The simple response is that we think we have to accomplish something really big. Climb the tallest mountain. Run the fastest race. Paint the greatest masterpiece. It really is a matter of perception.

How do we acknowledge ourselves by the daily accomplishments that we experience? What if the hill you have climbed, the challenge in your life that you face, is a triumph? What if you have never painted the greatest masterpiece? Yet you make each day a form of art by the way in which you creatively live your life. Could you triumph with the masterpiece that you create daily?

“Writing like my life depended on it has given me a sense of gratitude. Walking along the river’s edge. Sitting in reflection. Finding forgiveness for myself and others. Experiencing what I call a midlife “meltdown” when I turned forty, has given me a new perspective. “My life did not feel, seem, or appear to be how I thought it to be all those years ago. Where had my twenties gone? My thirties a blur. Now, beginning my forties, I seriously did not know how to face my life. I needed a Triumph!”

Having lived a great deal of her life in fear, writing High Five to Triumph! became a way for Te’ to begin acknowledging her Divine inspiration. To listen to her intuition. To share how we can all celebrate the moments in our lives. Thank you for sharing in this triumphant opportunity to realize a dream. My dream. Of taking my writing, the words on my heart and sharing them with the world. It has been a dream of twenty-five years in the making. Call this my life work.

May you make your way to your soul through realizing what dreams you hold onto and what dreams you can set free and give flight too. Blessings to you on your journey to Triumph!