Te’ (tay) Werner was born in Canada in 1967 and grew up on a small family farm amidst golden fields in “Rosedale Valley” Lacombe, Alberta. Later she moved to “The States” and resided in Walla Walla, Washington.

Te’ attended Walla Walla University where she studied Interiors and Apparel, Marketing and Management, graduating with a B.S. Degree in 1990. She is the owner and visionary of Te’ Design Consulting located in Eastern Washington.

Te’ is a natural empathic intuitive, who is highly sensitive and extremely tuned into the nuances of others and to her surroundings. For the past twenty years she has specialized in interior design and business coaching. She has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients and businesses to create healing environments. Te’s gift is the ability to create a sacred space that truly reflects her client’s individuality. Through her work Te’ has a “magic wand” as lives are touched, spaces and souls are transformed.

During her years as a designer, Te’ also has been an active featured writer and presenter in numerous publications. Te’ teaches inspiring and creative classes, writing workshops and leads women’s spiritual groups. Her greatest passion is being able to share her life experiences with others as they begin to look at their lives as a truly precious gift of triumph.

Te’ is also an artist, poet and writer. Her writing journey began twenty-five years ago at the wisdom of her younger sister and continues to be a daily transformational experience. “I began to write as a way to express myself. I found a place to be heard amidst the pages of my journals. Later I would learn that through my writing, I could listen to my own soul speak. Writing is my breath on paper.”
Te’ now lives near the Columbia River in Eastern Washington with her family and golden retriever. She celebrates her journey along the river’s edge where she is known as the “River Warrior.” She is a friend to all through her vibrant, warm and loving spirit as she greets fellow river warriors with a joyful “High Five!” She is an avid lover of sunlight, enjoys floating in the pool with a good novel or two, dark chocolates, and an occasional Corona with lime.

High Five to Triumph! is Te’s revolutionary approach to beginning to look at your life to find the courage to let your dreams take flight. Te’ invites you to celebrate triumph in your life here, and at her blog.