High Five to Triumph! is a celebration of a courageous woman’s journey to begin to face her life. To learn to trust. To let her dreams take flight. To love. To know the joy of her soul.

“High Five” is something silly Te’ began to do, to congratulate herself! Whenever she accomplished what she felt was really great, she would say out loud “Great job Te’!”, “Way to go sister!”, “You are awesome!” She would even “high five” herself in front of her boys. They think she is a bit crazy, but hey, who isn’t?

What really is amazing about acknowledging yourself with a high five is the fact that one is pretty sure to grin! It has become something she does with herself and with others, it is quite contagious.

Try it!

High Five is a revolutionary approach to begin looking at your life as a Triumph!

To acknowledge yourself and the Divine within as you celebrate small victories in your life.

• Are you tired of not knowing what direction your life is taking you?
• Do you have self-doubt about how to live your life?
• Do you live your life in fear?

If your answer is yes, then you are like many of us who are not living out our dreams.
Many of us have had a dream of what we “thought” our lives “would” be like.
Can we honestly say that our lives resemble what we originally dreamt?

High Five to Triumph! gives you a perspective of how to embrace your life. To realize that self-reflection is a form of self-realization as you begin to see life from inside yourself, by showing you how to manifest your dreams.

Te’s revolutionary approach to beginning to look at your life to find the courage to let your dreams take flight. Te’ invites you to celebrate triumph in your life here, and at her blog.