As I held my dying friend’s hand for the last time, I wondered what dreams she had also let die.
What dreams had she held onto that never took flight?

I knew as I walked away from telling her good bye, that I would no longer hold unto my dreams…
I would set them free as I realized just how much life force I had yet to give.

I would begin writing my journey to Triumph!
And, so I began.


I am watching the last lingering light of the dawn
where it holds unto the horizon
before fading into the dark clouds
that are hovering over this most luminous glow.

The day begins with a gentle respect for the knowing,
a promise that another morning is unfolding,
a new beginning where passion erupts
in doing what one loves.

Filling the gaps of time with purpose as
gratitude surrounds this place within my being
as I quietly breathe a blessing into my heart.
“Bless this day and all it brings.”

Awakening at 5 am to slowly
feel the excitement
for having a sense of belonging
a profound purpose to my life.

Makes my day feel like
a humble grace of pure love,
assurance that I am
on my journey.

I suppose deeper within
I know that I have always
been on my journey,
as I am alive in this life.

But something strong and true
has grasped my desires
all my energy of years of feeling
lost and off track.

Have come together
syncing time and space into
a moment that I am fully
present and very aware.

Joy now soothes my senses
where fear for so long kept me
afraid to trust and dream

The pages,
beyond the lines and words.
Like a kaleidoscope of colours
forming shapes and patterns.

The designs for my life
are coming together with a rhythm
that I am eager to keep pace with
and acknowledge.

A goal for completion is now before me.
And with each daily action
I am brought closer into a
new reality of creating.

Smiling to myself as I see
the progress I am making.
Everything is aligning up
on my behalf.

As if an orchestra is playing,
a symphony of song
written by my heart
through tears of many years.

Experiencing this sense of power
is a gift
I carry into my day with focus.
Trusting this process.

As it unfolds with which
I am fully engaged and
present. Thank you
for this encouragement.

To awaken.
To be awake.
With the “acceptance” to finish.
To Triumph!

To know that beyond these
words, more will be written,
They too will come together
with bowed heads.

Reverence for the task
I have been given.
Courage for the belief
that not only have I won

I have made my way.
I have “fought” my way through
with determination in
the midst of self-doubt.

This alone is my Triumph
for this day,
as I slowly raise
my hands up and together.

High Five to Triumph!