How many times in your life have you gone off on tangents? Following trails that left you feeling lost from yourself? Sometimes more than days would pass and I would find myself wondering what the hell I was doing. Now this fear becomes such a strong force of determination.

Life has a way of carrying us along, sometimes in a direction that we are not present to. Inspiration fading in and out like waves, sometimes crashing.

All the years that I have taken jobs because of what I thought I should be doing, instead of focusing on what I wanted to do deep down and somehow continued to bury.

How many times over the years had I written about writing this book, any book, “The Book” and not taken the time to sit down on my bum and do the time? Let me tell you it has been a lot of years.

Perhaps one reading this, such as yourself, would say that I was not dedicated enough. Focused or committed. And perhaps, I or another would agree with you. This is the perfect time.

Surely, I had every intention of bowing into the grace of this magnificent universe and completing my first book. Another could say that when the time is right things will come together. I would agree, but I am also learning in my rather “Te’ tangent” way that in following the thread a great deal goes into the tapestry of our life. Life. Some wake up and know what they are to do. And they go and do it. Over and over again. Day in and day out. Sometimes with great joy. Sometimes with great trepidation.

My high five to myself has been to dedicate this moment in time to doing with love what I have longed for within my soul for years. Lifetimes perhaps. I celebrate that this morning I am engaged in just that. Writing.

I do not know what your triumph is for yourself. What you long to do in the marrow of your bones. That keeps you awake at night and wrestles with you in your sleep. That enters your dreams and rattles the chains of your fears in your waking. But I will say this, breathe into that space of your knowing and let the wanting, the longing, breathe out into the world for the manifesting of your desires.

Keep it simple. Make it clear. So clear there isn’t a moment of hesitation from when you utter your breath beyond the thought that you have no doubt in your mind that when you blink all this will be gone, vanished into the unknown abyss of your life as you have known it.

I have been there. In despair. In longing. In these fragments of time that have put me in darkness for days. I will not be afraid of remembering what I am up too. Ever again.

May you offer your gift to the world as I offer mine to you now.

I will follow the thread…